We Have An Airplane


Back in August I wrote about our serious need for a Quest Kodiak aircraft. Today I am excited to report that God has provided!

The Kodiak airplane that we asked you to pray for has been bought and paid for by two business men. They purchased a Kodiak “white tail” sitting on the Quest ramp waiting for a buyer.  “White tail” signifies that the plane is complete but unpainted since there is no purchaser to determine the paint scheme. This gift is above what we could even ask or think! The money donated by others will go towards outfitting the plane and getting it here to PNG. Since the aircraft is already built, the delivery schedule is very quick. Quest will install the extras that needed for PNG, apply the NTM Aviation paint scheme and then deliver it to NTMA in Arizona as soon as a month from now.

God has also provided for our need of more pilots. One pilot whose return was in question has already come back. And, a new pilot (and his family) recently arrived on the field and is currently training on the SIL Kodiak.  NTM Aviation is hoping that the NTM Kodiak will be ready to fly in PNG later this year.

Wow! Thanks for praying with us and now praise the Lord with us!



  1. billm17

    Answered Prayer – Exciting

  2. Janie walker

    that is fantastic news…such an incredible blessing!

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