Cerebral Palsy Update

This update on Eli’s appointment with the neurologist is way, way, WAY overdue.  Many of you we have talked to personally, so you know how the appointment went.  For many others, however, we have done a terrible job since landing Stateside, of keeping you all up to date with what’s going on with us.  Seriously…we are very sorry about that!

Eli met with a neurologist in late May.  Our main reason for having him seen by a neurologist was to make sure we are providing the appropriate therapy he needs, especially with our living conditions being so remote overseas.  While living in Papua New Guinea, he does not have the luxury of getting consistent physical and occupational therapy.  Plus, we needed to know that his Cerebral Palsy is, in fact, a mild case.

The report from the neurologist was a very encouraging one!  She confirmed that Eli’s Cerebral Palsy is, indeed, very mild.  He does not require medication, surgery, a leg brace…he does not even require extensive physical therapy.  We were very much relieved to get this report and to know from a specialist that we are doing everything we need to ensure he is on track developmentally and physically.  We will continue on with daily home therapy AND bring him back Stateside EVERY YEAR so he can be assessed by the neurologist and physical therapist.

I’ll be starting a semi-formal year of preschool with him soon (he’ll be 4 in 1 week!), which we are hoping will give us some hints as to what his educational needs will be for the future.  There is a chance that because of his Cerebral Palsy, he might have some educational learning disabilities. However, we won’t know for sure until he is 5 years old…old enough to be properly assessed.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for us and our Eli.  This has been quite the trek so far.  We are finding ourselves constantly humbled by God’s grace as we have walked this journey.  This situation with Eli’s health has forced us to our knees as we try to figure out what is best for him.  We are encouraged for the future and excited about how the Lord will use our Eli for his glory.

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  1. billm17

    So happy to here of Eli’s trip to the doctor re CP. Sounds like he will be living close to normal for a while. God is Good!

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