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For those of you who may have not received our most recent email update, here it is.

Back in May, we returned to U.S. to have Eli evaluated by a neurologist concerning his diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Although we received a very positive report, Eli needs to have annual checkups to monitor his progress. Because of this need combined with other factors, our home church has recommended that we step out of our ministry role and return to the U.S. We were hopeful that we’d be able to return but understood that there would be significant challenges to overcome. Our home church is concerned about the best interest of our family and we appreciate their support during this time of transition.

Returning from the mission field is turning out to be a bigger step of faith than it was to go. We’ve been experiencing a wide range of emotions as we deal with the loss of our life and ministry in PNG and look ahead. We’re not sure what the Lord has for us next, but we will keep you up to date as it becomes clearer. There is a possibility of staying with New Tribes and serving at a stateside training center. If that doesn’t work out then I, Dave, will be looking for other opportunities. Your continued prayers and support are greatly appreciated as we take this unexpected (for us) turn in our lives. 

In the coming weeks…

We have a missions guest house in Santa Clarita available to us through the end of August. During that time I will probably take a trip back to PNG to deal with our belongings. If the Lord leads us to leave New Tribes Mission entirely we will let our supporters know so they can redirect their support. We are immensely grateful to everyone that has prayerfully and/or financially partnered with us over the years.

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  1. billm17

    Praying for the Lord’s direction to become clear to you during these times of life changing decisions. May God bless your family with the correct medical support and wisdom for treating Eli’s CP.
    In Christ

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